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    GuentherMedia just won four more national awards for excellence, including work for NoaNet: Broadband for All, Earth Ministry and two spots for one of our favorite Washington State Legislators, Hans Dunshee.

    That’s just the part of our job that’s easy to see right away. What makes each project successful is a close partnership with our clients that begins with shared values, research-based strategy and integration of all the storytelling tools each client may need to get the results they want.

    Our in-house capabilities include research design, campaign planning, branding, design, social media and media training, in addition to ads and films. Our rates are low because we keep overhead to a minimum and know that most of our mission-driven clients are trying to change the world on a budget. The quality of what we produce together is unparalleled and includes work for Clinton-Gore ’92, AmeriCorps, Johnson & Johnson, Daimler-Benz and many other national campaigns, in addition to work with our Northwest partners.

    We’re growing and looking forward to new partnerships. Shoot us a quick call or quick note and let’s talk about your story.

    206.818.0871   info@guenthermedia.com

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